“Be an Angel” Sponsorship Program

You can help a child in Guatemala attend a year of school for very little cost! The school year runs from January to October. Currently we are helping a few select families that attend the public school Oficial deParvulos, located in Chimaltenango Guatemala. For a student to attend public school this school year, it costs parents approximately Q1,095. For some this is not possible, but with your help it can easily be done.

Tuition: $47

Uniforms: $50

Supplies: $47

Total: $144/yr/child

There are many children who need our help. Click the donate button to “Be an Angel” for one of these children.

 Sponsorship 002 Cristian Josue Espital Guaran

Christian is 6 years old. This is the first time that he has gone to school. Christian lives close to the school. He lives with his mother, grandparents and his brothers. He is the youngest in his family. Christian is shy but he is a really smart kid.

 Sponsorship 004 Sheyli Veronica Quisque Quinones

Sheyli is a funny little 6 year old. She is so smart and she is also quiet. She loves books and pretends to read them. She loves to color. Last year she was able to benefit from the sponsorship program and her and her family are so thankful for all the help.

 Sponsorship 003 Melanie Quisque Quinones

Melanie is so cute and is just 5 years old. She is Sheyli’s sister. This year she is in Kindergarten. Each morning she comes into class with her sister with a smile on her face and says “good morning” to the teacher. She loves spending time in Sheyli’s classroom. She is smart, funny and lovely to be around.

 Sponsorship 005 Keyla Yohana Perez Acuta

Keyla is Jonathan and Estephanie’s little sister, she is 6 years old now and she is the youngest of the girls in her family. She has birth defect that has affected her right arm so it moves slowly. Her parents are looking into physical therapy to help her with it and they are hoping it will help.  She is shy and quiet but she is very clever and charming.

 Sponsorship 006 Roslin Daniel Cojon Tol

Roslin, 6 years, is the only daughter in her family. She lives with her mother and grandparents. Her mom cleans houses, washes clothes and any other work that she can find from day to day. She is quiet, but loves to play with her friends. This is her first time at school because last year her mother couldn’t afford it.

 Jonathan & Estefany2  Jonathan and Estephanie

GEE has been able to help out these 2 siblings for 3 years now. Estephanie is doing really well in school. Jonathan didn’t pass to the next grade this last year because of his leg issues. His parents took him to the hospital many times this last year to help him feel better. His leg is getting worst and doctors do not know what is happening with him. His parents are working really hard and looking for help to fix his leg. Read more

To sponsor a child, click on the donate button and donate the desired amount. To make your donation for a specific child, leave the child’s name in the comment/notes section.  Thank you!

See some of the children who have benefitted from this program in past years.