Perez Acuta Family

perez family There are 10 people in the  Perez Acuta family, 8 kids and their parents. They live in a little house with 2 small bedrooms, a kitchen and a restroom. They are a happy family.  Most of the time the children walk to school, work or wherever they need to go. The family doesn’t live close to most of the places they need to go. Buses charge a small fee to take them close to home. When there is not enough money, the children walk. To get to school they have to walk for a half an hour to get there, and about 45 minutes to the nearest town, Chimaltenango. The father, Wilson Haroldo Pèrez Giròn, works as a Breadmaker. He never had the opportunity to finish school. Nohemy Acuta de Pèrez, the mother, is a very admirable person. She didn’t go to school because as the oldest daughter of her family, she had to start working at 12 years old. Currently,  she works 7 days per week washing, ironing and cleaning houses. The family is very active in their church and mom is always smiling and happy. Cristian Haroldo is 18 years old. In 2013 he finished the 9th grade. He works from Monday to Friday to help the family and to pay the school. He loves to play soccer and he is a good kid. Tania Isabel, 17 years old. This young girl stays at home to take care of the little ones in the family. She cooks, cleans and helps her mom to do everything at home. This year (2013) she got her diploma from 1st to 3rd grade.  Maria Isabel, 15 years. Like her mom, she works in a house and goes to also goes to school on Saturdays with her brother. With the money she makes, she helps the family and pays for her schooling. She finished the 7th grade. Wilson Haroldo is 13 years old he currently is looking for a new job so he can go to school. Jonathan Isaì, is 9 years old. He is such a nice kid. He has a condition with the veins in his legs that causes him in pain. He has a hard time walking to school and because of that has to re-do the 3rd grade again. Estefany Noemi, is 7 years old. She has attended Preschool and next year (2014) She will be in the 1st grade. Keyla Johana, is 4 years old. This little girl is full of life, she is already ready to go to school but will not be able too because they don’t have enough money and it is too far for her to walk. They have decided to let the oldest finish their studies to help them more and then she can begin. The last child is Gerson David, he is a year and a half. He is so active and funny.

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