Our new friend Lev

Lev Cohen is a nine-year old boy who is passionate about soccer, tennis, and ensuring that kids have fun in their short childhood years. He attends Brandeis Hillel Day School in San Francisco, California. When he was challenged by his religious studies teacher to find a charity that interests him and report on it, Lev decided that many Central American kids don’t have the fortune to have access to the overload of soccer gear the children in his community have (and often wear only one season). He wanted to address this need by calling on his school colleagues, his soccer team, and his neighborhood friends to donate their gently used gear. Well, everyone responded with generous donations of soccer gear.

Lev’s mother remembered that her friend, Eric Santiago was involved with charitable soccer foundations. He suggested GEE (Guatemala Embrace Effort) as a recipient of this gear, as it applies directly to what Lev wanted to do to provide good equipment to passionate Central AmericanLev kids and help them organize soccer clubs!
We are thankful for the generous contributions from Lev and his friends to the children of Guatemala!
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