Jonathan & Estefany

There are 10 people in the  Perez Acuta family, 8 kids and their parents. They live in a little house with 2 small bedrooms, a kitchen and a restroom. The family doesn’t have much money, so most of the time the children walk to school, work or wherever they need to go.  The father works as a Breadmaker and he never had the opportunity to finish school. The mother didn’t go to school because she had to start working at 12 years old. Currently,  she works 7 days per week washing, ironing and cleaning houses. kids

GEE would like to introduce you to two of the Perez Acuta children.

Jonathan Isaì

Jonathan is 9 years old. He is such a nice kid. He has a condition with the veins in his legs that causes him pain. He has a hard time getting to school on time and sometimes he can’t even make it because the walk is so long. Due to excessive tardiness and some absences in 2013, he has been asked to repeat the 3rd grade again in 2013. In 2014 GEE was able to raise enough funds to help Jonathan afford school and a bike was purchased so he could get to school easier. He passed 3rd grade and for the 2015 school year he will move on to 4th grade.

Estefany Noemi

Estefany is 7 years old. She attended Preschool in 2013, and she did very well. It was a struggle for her to finish because the family didn’t have all the money they needed to get all her school supplies. In 2014, she was in the 1st grade.  GEE raised funds to put her through that year of school and she did great! GEE also purchased a bike for her so she could ride to school with her brother. For 2015 school year she will attend the 2nd grade.


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