GEE Committee

Shelli Tolman   Director of Sister School Program

Shelli Tolman is a wife and mother of five grown children.  She has spent many years as a volunteer in her children’s school classrooms and has served on their school’s parent board. She served in cub scouts for over twenty years and is a piano teacher.  Shelli believes kids want to help other kids. She introduces GEE to school clubs and organizations who want to participate in GEE’s humanitarian efforts.

Jana Capps   Lead Volunteer Coordinator

Jana is a native of Idaho and has worked with several nonprofit organizations in Guatemala and Africa. She has a BA in English and English Education and an MA in American Literature. She recently spent nine months teaching in Guatemala. Jana is grateful for the opportunity to help improve their education and offer any other help that she can.

Mark Montie Mark Montie   Media Manager

Mark went to Guatemala a couple of years ago for a short trip and fell in love with it – enough to get back on an airplane, which is a big deal. He was raised in Idaho and earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Public Relations from BYU. He currently works at an SEO company.

Brooke_Murray Brooke Murray   Volunteer Coordinator

Brooke works as a radiation therapist with cancer patients in Utah where she grew up. In 2002 she lived in Chimaltenango for six months as a volunteer teacher. She fell in love with the people and country and is excited to return.

Eric_Santiago Eric Santiago   Events Coordinator

Eric currently lives in Las Vegas where he is in his fourth year of teaching. He started out in special education, and has since moved to 7th grade science. Eric was a student-athlete (soccer) at San Diego State University and graduated in 2006 with a degree in Anthropology. He is in his last semester of the Masters of Education Degree Program at Sierra Nevada College. He looks to bring not only his knowledge, good looks, and humor to GEE, but also his unrelenting energy.

  Jessica Howard   Events Coordinator

Jessica was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada where she currently resides. She is one of five kids and has three boys of her own. She recently completed nursing school and is excited to integrate basic human care with the educational goals of G.E.E. Volunteer work has always been an integral part of her life and she loves the opportunity to roll up her sleeves and help the great people of Guatemala.


Analu_Jerez  Analù Alveño Jerez

Analù has worked in the Guatemalan school system for many years. She has been a wonderful resource in finding appropriate places for GEE to contribute. As a native to Guatemala Analù is integral to the success of the organization. She lives and works full-time in Chimaltenango.