About Us

In 2001 Sherrie and Cherine set out on a journey to Guatemala. They had the opportunity to live among the Guatemalan people and teach children English in one of the privately owned schools in Chimaltenango. Through their unique experiences their eyes were opened to a new culture and a whole different way of living. Not knowing each other before this, they soon developed a strong friendship.

With the intent to help improve the lives of the Guatemalan people, a remarkable thing happened. The Guatemalans changed their lives forever. Not one of the Guatemalans knew Sherrie and Cherine when they entered their country, but all embraced them as one of their own with more God-like love and charity than they had ever experienced.

Now years older and hopefully wiser, they want to help those who changed their lives so many years ago. With support from amazing husbands and their wonderful kids, they now set out on a new journey.